Saturday, April 23, 2011

A New Discovery

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I discovered the magic of foot petals. You place them in your shoes toward the front and they are miracle workers. The petals made heels so much more bareable for me to wear all day. I bought mine at Target for like $3 and I will definitely be buying more for all my other high heels.

I have not been very motivated to go to the gym lately. That HAS to change. I feel like a slob when I skip the gym. Plus I am losing muscle definition is my arms and legs and that is not cool. Does anyone else struggle at times to find the energy to make it to the gym?

dress: Target; shoes: Target; necklace: Charming Charlie; bracelet: Burlington

Monday, April 18, 2011

Earned My Grade 10

I absolutely adore this skirt. I bought it from Anthropologie on sale last year for $30! It has cats on it. I think it is adorable! I love the Anthro sale room. I hate that there is not a store close by. The best sales are always found in the store. I am also really excited to be wearing this necklace. I bought it early last year at Forever 21. It is way too small on its own but I bought a small charm bracelet at a craft store and used that to make the necklace wearable.

I could have definitely used some lipstick or gloss today. My face is looking a little bland! Guess I'll have to keep that in mind tomorrow.

Does anyone else watch Trailer Park Boys? You can stream it on Netflix instant. It is a Canadian TV show and it is hilarious! It is a raunchier Arrested Development in my opinion. (Except it is not about a family.) Maybe the two shows aren't similar at all. I see the similarities though.
tank: Old Navy; cardigan: Old Navy; skirt: Anthropologie, shoes: Payless; belt: Forever 21; necklace: Forever 21; bracelet: Forever 21

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Growth Spurt

I spent half of my day at the tattoo parlor. A friend of mine is getting a sleeve. It is going to be pretty sweet when it is done. I enjoy watching the tattoo is progress. Is it bad that I am also amused to see him in pain? Does that make me a bad friend?

I first took pictures around noon. Those pictures turned out horrible! The shadows were insane. Taking pictures when the sun in right above is a bad idea. Now I know. I took more pictures around 4pm and that batch turned out much better.

Wedges are so much easier to walk in than heels! I would never be able to wear heels this high without falling. I am super clumsy. It is pretty ridiculous.

dress: Old Navy (thrifted); vest: Forever 21; belt: Forever 21; wedges: Lime Light; ring: gift; bracelet: Forever 21

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To The Max!!!

Today is maxi day for EBEW! I found this maxi dress at the Goodwill. It is from Target and the tags were still on it! I wish my pics hadn't turned out so grainy! My living room is very dark so it probably wasn't the best place to take pictures. I was tired though. My professor kept us 15 minutes over tonight in my Tax Seminar. I got out at 10:05. I will be so glad when this semester is over!
Surprisingly, I enjoyed wearing a maxi much more than I thought I would. It was nice and light. Very comfy too. It was sort of like wearing pajamas to work. I could definitely get used to that.

dress: Target (thrifted); cardigan: American Eagle; belt: Charlotte Russe; Shoes: Nine West; scarf: TJ Maxx; bracelet: Krystle's Krafts on ETSY

Maxi Skirt/Dress  Everybody, Everywear

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kendi's Namesake

Sometimes I run my errands around town and think about the side of me that the strangers that live in my city don't know about, my style blog. There are times when I run my errands wearing jeans, t-shirt, no make-up, hair up and I realize I blend in with the rest of the people. No one glances at me to see what I am wearing or to wonder why I would wear it. As much as I enjoy blending in, the plain jane looks makes me feel a bit "blah". I realize now that I don't mind being a little overdressed. My mom and my teenage cousin told me my skirt was a little too short. I just laughed and said it wasn't. I really like this skirt. I ordered it from The Kissing Tree Vintage's store on eBay. You should check it out. Isn't it awesome that my sandals blend it with my skin color? haha!

cardigan: Forever 21; tank: Ross; skirt: The Kissing Tree Vintage; shoes: Target; belt: from another American Eagle dress; necklace: Forever 21

I went out Saturday night and I was overdressed. I really liked my outfit. I ordered the Kendi Everyday dress from ModCloth (see Kendi wear it here) when it went on sale a month or so ago. I have been dying to wear it ever since and decided a dinner to celebrate a friend's marriage was the perfect occassion.

I really wanted to find a lightweight black cardigan to wear with this dress. Unfortunately, while I was at the mall the power went out due to a storm. I went with the gray blazer I already owned. It didn't look too shabby. blazer: American Eagle; dress: ModCloth; tights: We Love Colors; shoes: Steve Madden; bracelet: Forever 21

Friday, April 8, 2011

Archived Footage

I have a couple of "archived" outfit photos that I thought I'd share since I haven't posted ALL week. I am a very bad blogger!

I wore this outfit last Tuesday. I hate that you can't tell the bottom of the dress has a lace overlay. I wore this to Atlanta. I went with a friend to watch a special showing of Kevin Smith's new movie Red State. It was amazing. It was unlike any other movie Kevin Smith has ever made. Not that I don't love Clerks and Mallrats but Red State is an entirely different animal. It doesn't release until October. But I highly recommend going to see this movie when it comes to your town.

The crowd at the movie was full of guys and some girls in just really casual jeans and t-shirts. I looked way over-dressed. Even though, I don't feel that my outfit was "dressy" except for the lace overlay. I received lots of looks. I'd say most bloggers know the feeling of being over-dressed and know what type of looks I am talking about. Also, this was my attempt at knotting a button-up. This seems to be a huge trend lately and thought I'd give it a try. I didn't feel as 80s as I thought I would.

dress: Elle @ Kohl's; shirt: J.Crew; shoes: Jessica Simpson; necklace: Charming Charlie

I love the outfit below. The floral skirt immediately caught my eye at Forever 21. It is a little shorter than the skirts I typically wear but I think I pulled it off. Pulling this outfit together I realized I need more light weight cardigans in my wardrobe. So I have been on a mission all week to find more to add to my wardrobe. Thus far I haven't been very successful. Any ideas on where I should look? cardigan: Target, tank: Forever 21; skirt: Forever 21; shoes: Aldo; scarf: American Eagle;

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Geeking Out

Totally getting my geek on! These are my new glasses! The frames are Burberry and I love them! I feel very geek chic. I took outdoor pics again today which I hope to make a regular occurrence. Also, I plan to start taking more outfit photos. I went into the office for a couple of hours today and I took these photos outside. The problem lately is that I have not been waking up with enough time to fix myself up for work. I have been going to work looking a little sloppy. Definitely nothing photo worthy has been worn to work in a few weeks. That is going to change. I am in better spirits and feel better about myself when I take the time to look nice.

My bare legs were probably a little premature. It was very windy outside which made the temp much cooler than what it seemed at first. Speaking of bare legs, it is odd seeing another tattoo on myself. My 2nd tattoo is on my back so I rarely see it. I definitely don't see it in pictures.

Cardigan: Libertine for Target; Dress: Old Navy; Belt: Forever 21; Necklace: New York & Co; Shoes: Payless

This evening I went to a Premier Jewelry party hosted by Krystle of Krystle's Krafts. You should definitely check out her etsy shop. I've been eyeing this patchwork beaded bracelet and the tie-dye bangles are super cute as well.