Sunday, August 28, 2011

My 100th Post

This is my 100th blog post! Yay! I wish I had something more awesome to blog about for this post but it is just a typical post.

Last night I went out with two friends to see Jesco White at a local bar. He was going to dance. Unfortunately he was dancing a little too hard the night before and he hurt his ankle. So no dancing for us. The bands still played and they were very good. I'm quite disappointed I didn't get to see Jesco dance. Hopefully I will get another chance.

If you don't know who Jesco White is watch this video. It is the video trailer of the documentary The Dancing Outlaw. The White Family is also featured in the more recent documentary The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (click on the link to see the trailer). If you have Netflix Instant this is available for instant streaming. It is a very interesting portrayal of the White family. I found is fascinating because it is a way of life of which I am not accustomed. In no way am I promoting the White's lifestyle. The White family is just an interesting case study.

dress: Ross; shoes: Dolce Vita via Hautelook; necklace: Forever21; bracelets: Charming Charlie; earrings (that you can't really see but are totally awesome): Target

I curled my hair using a tutorial posted by A Pretty Penny. It was my first try and I thought it turned out fairly nice. Thanks Keira for the awesome tutorial!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Wish List & a Review

I have been shopping a bit recklessly lately. Buying clothing items that I don't really need just because I don't feel like my wardrobe is complete. Really every piece in my wardrobe doesn't feel like me and blend together very well. I need to do a major purge but I have trouble parting with items. Items that I really still like but never wear and never make the effort to wear.

Speaking of feeling like my wardrobe is incomplete, it is time to get my closet ready for fall. Since I am been shopping without reason, I want to limit my fall clothing purchases. How many items do you buy to update your closet each season? I am not sure what I want my fall items to be yet so it is hard to limit myself to a number. Guess I need to pull out my September issue of Lucky and scour my favorite blogs to get some ideas and inspiration.

One item I knew I wanted to add to my fall wardrobe was a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins. I bought mine this evening at a local shoe store because I got them for $36.97 plus 20% off which made them around $32. Awesome! I can't wait to wear them!! I purchased the Kilty style in the medium grey suede.

I told Dani that I would review my first JewelMint purchase on my blog over two months ago. Now I have made three jewelry purchases from the website so I figured it was about time to follow through.

My first purchase was the Gold Luxe Duo. I chose this as my first purchase because I loved the necklace and because I was getting two pieces for the price of one. All items are $29.99 which honestly is a lot for me to spend on a piece of jewelry. I have had this duo since the end of June and I still haven't worn the necklace. The jewel is a lot bigger than I expected and haven't worked it into any of my outfits yet. I'm not sure that I am a fan of the quality of the look of the necklace in person either. Fortunately, I am absolutely in love with the bracelet included in the duo. I have gotten lots of wear out of it. It is simple but stylish and I can wear it with so much. So the duo was definitely worth the money due to how often I wear the bracelet.

My next purchase was the Rio Bravo Earrings. As soon as I received the email that these were back in stock, I snatched these up. I think these are the perfect addition to my fall wardrobe. JewelMint still has these in stock so if you like them hurry over and order a pair! Another purchase worth the $29.99.
My most recent purchase was the Piet Necklace. I just received it this week and I am still up in the air about this one. As soon as I saw this was back in stock I jumped at my chance to order it. I loved it, online. Now I am not so sure. I'm not crazy at the quality of the construction of the necklace. I can sort of see the glue on the sides where the fabric pieces were glued in. I am going to examine this necklace a little more closely over the weekend to decide if I should return it.

I definitely encourage anyone who has been on the fence about JewelMint to give it a try especially if you find an item you really like. I will continue to purchase items I am drawn to from JewelMint. My experience has been 50/50 with the items I have chosen but my love of the bracelet and the earrings is definitely greater than any disappointment I have felt towards the necklaces.

Have you ordered anything from JewelMint? What has your experience been?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Print Mixer

Yay! I remembered to participate in another EBEW! This month it is pattern mixing which is not something I am extremely skilled at so I kept it simple by mixing a floral print with stripes. I don't have tons of time to blog because I am finishing up a couple papers for my two summer semester classes. I will be so glad when these papers are complete and this week is over!

tank: Aerie; cardigan: Loft; jeans: Banana Republic; shoes: Target

Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear

Monday, August 1, 2011


I found this cute Twitter analyzer.

Hmmm.....not sure that I agree that I am not very enthusiastic or interesting. I like that it says I have a geeky grin and I do tweet a lot about fashion and am interested in shopping. My most favorite topics seem to include my favorite blog buddies. I thought this was really cute and that I should share. Let me know if you post your Twitter demographic stats so I can take a look!