Monday, January 31, 2011

The Day Before

Well, it is the day before the 30 for 30 challenge and I am behind! I am still washing up clothes. I am about to go take some pictures of some of my choices but some pics of my items will be posted on Thursday. Sorry not sooner but on Tuesdays & Wednesdays I am in class until 10pm and when I get home I prepare my meals for the next day then pass out from exhaustion. LOL. I hate to keep complaining about being tired. I promise not to complain again this week. This year will definitely be a challenge but I can do it! The pay off is a master's degree. :-) yay!

I finally got a tripod! Yay! Now don't go expecting me to take my pictures in fun, exciting places. Tonight I took my pics in my kitchen.

cardigan: Calvin Klein purchased @ Ross
blouse: I heart Ronson (thrifted)
cords: J. Crew (ebay)
boots: Old Navy
necklace: flea market

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ahoy Mate!

Here I am in my Breton Stripes! I wore this outfit Tuesday, of course.

These past two weeks have been crazy! I started classes again last week and 3 graduate level class and work is hard. I didn't really how much busier I would be with one additional class. I keep telling myself: I can do it, I can do it. I will gradute in December. Only one year of exhaustion then I can rest. Plus I still have to pick my items for the next round of the 30 for 30 challenge. I need a personal assistant, ASAP!

I am going to Charlotte this weekend to visit friends and I will be going to Anthropologie, Loft, and J. Crew to try to find some essential pieces that I feel my wardrobe is missing. I need a couple basic skirts (khaki, black, brown or gray). I would also like to find some wedge shoes. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I find some good deals!

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Soda
Earrings: Forever 21

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guess Who's Back

I figured I better get back into the swing of things since the next 30 for 30 challenge starts up soon. I have felt somewhat blah with my wardrobe choices lately. On work days, I wake up (usually later than when I should have actually gotten up) and scramble to get dressed and finish getting my lunch and snacks together. I have to start waking up early enough so I am not in freak out mode every morning. Talk about stressful!

I started a high protein diet at the beginning of the year and as of last Sunday I had lost 6 pounds. So now I am back to my pre-holiday weight. Next holiday I need to restrain myself a bit more. I can't live on sweets and carbs alone, or can I? I am only weighing myself once a week so tomorrow I will find out if I have lost in additional pounds this past week. I had a doctor's appointment this past week and I told my doctor about my eating plan and she approved! No crash dieting here. She did want me to get a little more calcium, so I might need to look for a vitamin. I am lactose intolerant and milk and some yogurts make me bloated.

Any way how fun is this shirt?! I found it at Old Navy for $15 and couldn't pass it up. Sixteen Candles is one of my favorite movies. I can quote it line by line. I even have a cat named Jake Ryan. hehe. My oldest nephew's birthday is next week and I bought him a G.I. Joe t-shirt. I swear my brother had the same shirt when he was a kid.

My smile in this picture is a little forced, can you tell. HaHa. My mom took my pic and I think this was try number five. I just wanted it over.
cardigan: Old Navy
t-shirt: Old Navy
jeans: American Eagle
flats: Target

Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Ties

I took my cousin Tess shopping yesterday so she could spend the gift card I got her for her birthday. She loves playing "dress-up" in my clothes and always wants to borrow my favorite items. I think I enjoy the dress-up sessions just as much as she does! Tess is very much a jeans and t-shirt girl, which I was too at her age. Normally once a year or so I let her come and "shop" in my closet. Anything that I was planning to give away or haven't worn in a long time I let her have it if she likes the stuff.

With her birthday money she got a shirt from Forever 21, a Hello Kitty keychain Pez dispenser, and two pairs of tights from Target. As soon we got done shopping she wanted to wear her new tights. I let her borrow so items from my closet and I took her picture for the blog! She looks so cute! I will definitely be wearing a similar version of this outfit soon.
cardigan: Urban Outfitters (borrowed from me)
shirt: Forever 21
shorts: New York & Company (borrowed from me)
shoes: Sigerson Morrison (borrow from me)
tights: Target

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Like Sydney (Well Only a Little)

So Syndney @ The Daybook demanded that her blog readers follow in her footsteps and post their own awesome & awkward thoughts/moments for Awkward & Awesome Thursday! Being the loyal blog follower I am, here I go.


-I am sure Sydney has already pointed this out but typing the word awkward is well, awkward.
-When I am singing at the top of my lungs in my car and another driver notices me! Ooops!
-Keeping one thumb glove free so I can use my iPhone. Maybe I should just cut the fingertip off one of the index fingers instead of halfway wearing a glove.
-Being a 26 year old and just now discovering that I like anime. Full Metal Alchemist is soooo
good. Wow, that is also very nerdy. Don't tell anyone about this guilty pleasure of mine.
-Dodging the advances of your cousin's 19 year old friend. (Well maybe it is a little awesome. I could be a cougar. Haha.)
-Forgetting my iPod when I go to the gym and the man on the elliptical machine right next to me is breathing very loudly/making strange noises. Hello....I am trying to concentrate! (I take my cardio seriously.)


-Sirius XMU Sessions (Indie bands play live session in studio. I love my XM Radio.)
-Losing 2 lbs during my first week on my new high protein eating plan.
-Going to Urban Outfitters and discovering that clearance is 50%.
-Spending time with two of my fabulous cousins. These two gals are more like my sisters.
-Getting my hair done! My stylist is amazing with my hair and plus she is really fun to talk to.
-Going to Ulta and discovering that all Bourjois make-up is $4.99. I don't typically buy this brand but I love trying out new eyeshadow! (I like sales too.)
-A joint New Kids On The Block / Backstreet Boys tour! Yes, I will be attending! The boy band I loved as a child and the boy band I loved as a young teenager together, yes please.

I promise I will start blogging on a regular basis again soon. I have just been very uninspired lately.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Year In Review - Part 2

July - I turned 26!!! On the same day, my cousin Chris got married to a lovely lady, Lee Ann. She is really great and she has a daughter. Both were welcome additions to the extended family! Here is a pic of me with some of my cousin and the newest Bruner, Lee Ann!

August - I went to two shows Jimmy Eat World & Tegan and Sara. I love, love, love Tegan & Sara. And they were amazing live! At the end of August I also started the Masters of Accountancy program at ETSU. (East Tennessee State University)

In September, I saw Tom Petty & The Hearybreakers in Charlotte. I also lost my battery charger for my camera. So the next few months are very well documented. Sad.

In October, I saw Two Door Cinema Club in Nashville. I also contracted walking pneumonia this month and was out of work for a whole week. :-(

In November, I started the 30 for 30 challenge. And unfortunately still haven't finished like I wanted to. Grrrr! I also saw Iron & Wine and Sufjan Stevens in Asheville. So sad I didn't have my camera.

In December, I finished up my first semester of grad school! yay! And I celebrated the New Year with awesome family and friends.

I hope everyone had a great 2010! I hope 2011 has awesome thing in store!!!

A Year In Review - Part 1

I was not blogging for most of 2010 but I thought I would still do a post highlighting all the year's most memorable events.

In January, it was business as usual.

In February, I saw Muse and the Silversun Pickups in Atlanta. Very cool. It was actually my first time in Atlanta and would like to go back to see some sights and shop.

In March we had a bday party for both of my nephews. Gage turned 2 in January and Linkoln turned 1 in March. Gage's bday party was canceled due to snow so they just had one party for both of them.

In April, I had a fun day in Asheville with a friend. We shopped, ate at a fun Mediterranean restaurant, and saw Motion City Soundtrack at the Orange Peel.

In May, I visited my friend Josh in Charlotte, NC. I went to Trader Joe's for the first time (and I am now in love) and we went to Ikea (that's me below with all my goodies).

June was a very exciting month and a very scary month. My oldest nephew, Gage was admitted to the hospital with liver failure due to a severe case of e-coli. He was in nicu for a few weeks but by the end of the month he had improved tremendously and was allowed to go home. My entire family is very thankful that he made a full recovery. During that month I went to 3 concerts: Camera Obscura @ The Orange Peel in Asheville, Phoenix in Charlotte, and The New Pornographers in Nashville.

Stay tuned for a second post recapping July-December!