Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In The Style Of

Wearing this outfit, I really liked it. I got the tee on sale over the weekend at Madewell for $5 and it really is the most comfy tee. I bought my first pair of white jeans in years. I have seen a lot of bloggers wear white jeans and really liked the look, especially on Betsy. Betsy has wrote on her blog, Miss B Gets Dressed how it is better to dress simple when going out. Now I didn't have a date but I was channeling her date look.

tee: Hi-Line @ Madewell; jeans: New York & Co; shoes: Toms; Necklace: New York & Co

Once I saw the pics of me in this outfit I sort of started to love it a little less. I think I need a higher quality white jean. I got this pair at New York & Company on sale for $15. I didn't want to splurge on white jeans when I wasn't sure if I would love them. I think this pair will do for now but once fall rolls around I'll probably invest in a quality pair.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remember Me?

Well hello there! Just in case any of you have forgotten what I look like here is a reminder below:

Sorry I have been missing from the blog world. I have been busy with two internet classes. I went to Bonnaroo. I know I still owe everyone a Bonnaroo post. I didn't take my camera because it uses a rechargeable battery and I didn't realize there would be a place in Bonnaroo where you could charge electronics. I have an iPhone 3GS and the camera on that stinks. My friend took quite a few pictures on his Android, so I as soon as I get those pics I will post on my first Bonnaroo experience.
This past weekend I ventured to Charlotte. I visited with a bunch of friends, did a little shopping at a couple malls and went to Ikea, plus did a little thrifting. I found some really good deals at the mall. Every store seemed to have an awesome sale. It was nice to get away for the weekend. Especially considering I have a third class that starts in a couple weeks that meets for two nights a week (in addition to 2 internet classes). I will be a busy bee for a month and won't have much free time.

I love this dress! I bought it recently at Forever 21 for $15! Maxi dresses are so comfy. It is almost ridiculous.

dress: Forever 21; cardigan: Aerie; shoes: Forever 21; necklace: boutique in Charlotte antique mall

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Like Strawberry Wine

I love this dress. It is covered in strawberries! Love it! The fuller skirt is light and airy on a hot, humid day. I bought it from Twitch Vintage via eBay. The lady behind this store is Robyn. You can find out more about her on her blog, Twitch Vintage. On her blog info she lists that she is from Fancy Pants, FL. Love it. I think I should say I am from Fancy Pants, TN. Sounds about right to me. I hope Robyn doesn't mind. :-)

I am super frustrated because I didn't realize you couldn't see my shoes!

My earrings are strawberries.

dress: Twitch Vintage via eBay; earrings: Urban Outfitters; shoes: Target; belt: thrifted

I am going to Bonnaroo later this week. I am super nervous. I have never been to an event this large. I HOPE I have everything I need. If you have any tips for a long music fest please feel free to share.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shop With Me: Forever 21

Kendi is about to start a new 30 for 30 challenge. I am not going to join in this time. I want to dress for myself and choose from any item in my closet. Often during past challenges I felt that I needed to keep getting more and more creative with my outfits. It is too stressful for me. I want to wish all that ladies that do participate good luck! I'll be reading about your 30 for 30 journeys soon!

One thing I have learned from past challenges is that I should spend more money on classic items of clothing. Definitely go for quantity of quality. With that being said, I still love stores like Forever 21, especially for trendier items. Here are some items from Forever 21 that I want at the moment.

Satin & Lace Top (perfect for the upcoming EBEW) $15.80

The Mighty Thor Tank (I heart Thor) $13.80

Embroidered Lattice Maxi Dress $22.80

Floral Cone Heels $22.80 Real Charm Scarf

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jessica Gets Dressed

Look!! I do get dressed. I know all of you are in disbelief right now but I assure you, I get dressed everyday. Hopefully, outfit photos will become a regular occurance again.

I'm trying a new look called playground chic. Can't you tell? Notice the bandaid on my leg? Very classy. It goes well with my dress and heels, don't you think? The Dr. Pepper can in the second picture adds to the sophistication of the photos.

cardigan: Charlotte Russe; dress: Kohls; shoes: Nine West; bracelet: thrifted