Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yes, I Am A Smoothie Addict.

For the past few months I have been addicted to smoothies. Unfortunately, there aren't very many places in my area where I can purchase a smoothie made with fresh fruits. McDonald's Strawberry Banana smoothie is delicious and 210 calories for a small isn't bad unfortunately smoothies without some protein won't fill me up so I end up eating more calories than I'd like.

Due to the lack of variety, I decided to buy a blender and blend my own smoothies. I have really wanted the Ninja Master Prep for a while now because it doubles as a food processor so I purchased one for myself a couple of weeks ago on sale at Target. So far I really like this product. I have only made smoothies with it so far but I can't wait to make my own hummus or salsa. Ultimately, I would love to own a Vitamix blender but it is out of my price range for now. That will need to be an investment in the future. Right now I am paying for things like graduate school and the CPA exam.

I have been pursing blogs and websites for different smoothie recipes and have found quite a selection. My favorite blog for smoothie recipes is Peanut Butter Fingers. Julie has an awesome list of smoothies listed on her blog and I have tried a few of them so far and haven't been disappointed. This morning the "Ice Cream" Smoothie caught my eye so I headed to the kitchen.
Surprisingly, I didn't have any honey (I always have honey) so I added some vanilla extract instead. The results was quite yummy. Check out the ingredients I used below.

My Vanilla Goodness Smoothie (adapted from Peanut Butter Fingers)

1 scoop Jay Robb Whey Protein Vanilla
2 bananas
1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp fat free whipped topping

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

I know, I know, a day late and a dollar short. I hope everyone will forgive me for posting my first ever Paper Doll Project outfit a day late. I cross my heart that I wore this outfit yesterday. I was paired up with Kimberlee of I Have A Degree In This! I asked her to style this vintage midi skirt I thrifted from the Goodwill. I have only worn it once and haven't worn it again because I wasn't really sure what to pair with it. Kimberlee gave me two great, different ways to wear this skirt and this is the look I chose. I really like the way the white tee looks with this skirt. It really lets you focus on the beauty of the skirt. I wore some bracelets and a necklace with this outfit as well but took it off to bake some cupcakes and forgot to put it back on.

Today is also Everybody, Everywear: Thrift. I have become much more interested in thrifting since I started reading fashion blogs especially since I started reading Jentine's blog. She finds amazing stuff and it really inspired me to get out there and start digging to find my own treasures!

top: Madewell; skirt: thrifted; shoes: Payless; belt: Forever21

Paper Doll Project

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Thriftin' Fool

I wore this outfit Friday. I have had a very busy weekend but I can't complain! Hopefully new, fun things are coming my way. I am doing my best to branch out and be as social as possible. Putting myself out there is always something I have had trouble with. But with a little courage I am getting much better!

This dress is from The Kissing Tree Vintage's eBay store. I love that store! It is the most adorable button-up dress ever. Currently they have one in blue for auction on eBay. I love this dress so much I was thinking about bidding on it as well! I think I have an addiction!

dress: The Kissing Tree Vintage via eBay; shoes: Forever 21; belt: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx; necklace: New York & Company; bracelets: thrifted