Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shop With Me: Forever 21

Kendi is about to start a new 30 for 30 challenge. I am not going to join in this time. I want to dress for myself and choose from any item in my closet. Often during past challenges I felt that I needed to keep getting more and more creative with my outfits. It is too stressful for me. I want to wish all that ladies that do participate good luck! I'll be reading about your 30 for 30 journeys soon!

One thing I have learned from past challenges is that I should spend more money on classic items of clothing. Definitely go for quantity of quality. With that being said, I still love stores like Forever 21, especially for trendier items. Here are some items from Forever 21 that I want at the moment.

Satin & Lace Top (perfect for the upcoming EBEW) $15.80

The Mighty Thor Tank (I heart Thor) $13.80

Embroidered Lattice Maxi Dress $22.80

Floral Cone Heels $22.80 Real Charm Scarf


dani said...

I am diggin' those floral heels!

I had a really hard time with the last 30x30, but I'm giving it another go to try to prove to myself that I can do this without being miserable! ;) Hahaha.

suzanne said...

i had the same frustration after doing the 30 for 30! i plan on attempting to wear everything in my closet before i buy something new. sheesh! it's gonna be tough! :)

awkwardly chic

VIVIENNE said...

great picks! x

Haute and Fierce