Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Like Sydney (Well Only a Little)

So Syndney @ The Daybook demanded that her blog readers follow in her footsteps and post their own awesome & awkward thoughts/moments for Awkward & Awesome Thursday! Being the loyal blog follower I am, here I go.


-I am sure Sydney has already pointed this out but typing the word awkward is well, awkward.
-When I am singing at the top of my lungs in my car and another driver notices me! Ooops!
-Keeping one thumb glove free so I can use my iPhone. Maybe I should just cut the fingertip off one of the index fingers instead of halfway wearing a glove.
-Being a 26 year old and just now discovering that I like anime. Full Metal Alchemist is soooo
good. Wow, that is also very nerdy. Don't tell anyone about this guilty pleasure of mine.
-Dodging the advances of your cousin's 19 year old friend. (Well maybe it is a little awesome. I could be a cougar. Haha.)
-Forgetting my iPod when I go to the gym and the man on the elliptical machine right next to me is breathing very loudly/making strange noises. Hello....I am trying to concentrate! (I take my cardio seriously.)


-Sirius XMU Sessions (Indie bands play live session in studio. I love my XM Radio.)
-Losing 2 lbs during my first week on my new high protein eating plan.
-Going to Urban Outfitters and discovering that clearance is 50%.
-Spending time with two of my fabulous cousins. These two gals are more like my sisters.
-Getting my hair done! My stylist is amazing with my hair and plus she is really fun to talk to.
-Going to Ulta and discovering that all Bourjois make-up is $4.99. I don't typically buy this brand but I love trying out new eyeshadow! (I like sales too.)
-A joint New Kids On The Block / Backstreet Boys tour! Yes, I will be attending! The boy band I loved as a child and the boy band I loved as a young teenager together, yes please.

I promise I will start blogging on a regular basis again soon. I have just been very uninspired lately.


Alexandria said...

An additional percentage off of clearance rocks my WORLD! Love it :) And I die for The Daybook! Love your layout girl!

Rachel said...

ahh I don't know if I would be able to do cardio without music! My awkward list always seem to involve the gym too.