Sunday, May 15, 2011

Madewell? Yes, please!

How awesome is Madewell? I love their clothing selection. Too bad it is too expensive for me unless I find an item on serious sale. On this lazy Sunday I figured I would do a little "window" shopping on the Madewell website.

Skywriter Novella Dress
The best part of this dress is the small cut-out on the back.

Striped Lagoon Dress

Silk Intermission Top

Silk Shoulder Tee

Staircase Skirt

Widelegger Jeans in Explorer Wash

Rail Straight Jeans in White Wash

The Smokeswirl Espadrille


dani said...

That cut-out dress is to-die-for!

LyddieGal said...

These are some great picks, the espadrilles and the dress with the cut out are fantastic- and just imagine them together!

As far as rainy day photos - if it's drizzling, I usually just go for it, naked camera and all, and try to be as quick as i can. then get a paper towel and make sure it's completely dry when i come in.

if its REALLY coming down I'll get a ziplock bag and put it over the body and lens. then tape it around the lens (shaft? is that what you'd call it?), and then cut off the part that is covering the glass.
it can be hard to check your framing with bag over the screen, but it's doable.

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