Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Four Days Later

I wore this outfit on Saturday. I haven't really been in the mood to post since then. I really would like to post more but most of the time I don't give myself enough time to take pictures in the morning and by the evening my outfit is all wrinkled. Maybe I should stop being so lazy and wake up ten minutes earlier.

I buttoned this cardigan uneven intentionally. Let me tell you, I got several looks as I ran around town Saturday. Probably people wondering if I was aware my cardigan was buttoned wrong. I felt it looked too boxy when it was buttoned up "normally". The cardigan is from ASOS and I really like it. I got it on super sale a month or so ago. I had never purchased anything from ASOS and probably couldn't have ordered everything a size smaller but I don't that the items I purchased are a little slouchy. That look is in, right?

This was my second attempt at curling my hair and it didn't turn out so well. Not really sure why, I did everything the same. Oh, well.

tank: Kohl's; cardigan: ASOS; skirt: Urban Outfitters; shoes: Target; necklace & white bracelet: New York & Company; silver bangles: gift


Abby said...

ohh I love your skirt! And mine was super easy to make, it only took like an hour

Sayaka said...

I love love that skirt!! It looks so cute on you!!