Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 1: Lazy Labor Day

scarf - american eagle

t-shirt - custom from etsy (anatomical heart)

shorts - target

sandals - steve madden

earrings - urban outfitters (you can't even see them, black hearts)

Okay, my mom took this picture on my iphone because my digital camera was dead. Not the best and really should be more of a close-up! Sorry hopefully the rest of my pics will be a little better. I really do hate this pic. It does not show any detail of the scarf. Grrrr! It took me 10 mintues to decide if I would rather wear a necklace or scarf with this outfit. I think wearing my glasses is making me question "my look". I rarely wear my glass and since they are an accessory themself it changes things a bit.

I didn't notice until now the black heart theme of today's outfit. It is funny how most guys don't understand the way girls dress. I saw a guy friend today and he questioned why I would wear a black shirt and scarf on such a hot day. I didn't dress to work in the garden. I was inside most of the day.

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