Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take Two

dress: blu sage @ Belk
cardigan: new york & co
shoes: steve madden
bracelet: charlotte russe
earrings: jewerly show $1 (fake diamond studs)

"Monday" at work cannot be avoided. Sometimes it just falls on a Tuesday. I started my 2nd week back at ETSU today. I decided I need a backpack so I am not attempting a balancing act everytime I walk to class. Any stylish suggestions? I'll probably just go with solid black. Which may not be the best choice considering once I am done with school I will use the pack when I go hiking. Black shows less dirt though, right? So maybe black is the best choice.

I like wearing black. I also like wearing odd shades of yellow and green that most people wouldn't consider wearing. This dress is a mustard shade of yellow. Some people don't find that color flattering, I myself love it. I wanted something easy this morning so I threw on this dress. I might have made a mistake not choosing a black pair of dress shoes. I have worn my Steve Madden gladiator sandals twice in a row. Good thing they are sort of dressy. I am convinced they must make my calves look huge though. It's all muscle though. Haha.

Note to self: Take picture before my outfit has had a chance to wrinkle.

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