Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mr. Bright Eyes

Outfit #19

Okay, so I am awful with Photoscape. I like that Photoshop did almost everything for me. This photo is way too bright!

I went to see Tron: Legacy last night. I was so excited all week and then I feel asleep during the movie! I almost never fall asleep during a movie. I must have been exhausted. That was an expensive nap!

I counted all my items for the 30 for 30 Challenge the other night and realized I only had 28 items. So I added another pair of jeans which should help me fight this cold weather and still finish the challenge by the end of the year! That is my goal. This outfit lacks color. I probably should have worn a different scarf. Oh well.

On a better note, classes & exams are over for this semester! Yay! Only four more semesters left (one of those is a summer semester.)
sweater: Forever 21
jeans: American Eagle
shoes: Libby Edelman
tank: American Eagle (not one of my 30 items)
scarf: etsy
socks: Target

1 comment:

Krust said...

I Love the black and white here without the color. It works. It looks very classic.