Monday, November 29, 2010

Fourteen and Counting

Outfit #14
Again I failed to take a picture of the outfit I wore on Saturday. It was 30 for 30 appropriate. I really should get a tripod and a new battery charger for my camera. Right now my pictures are being taken on my iPhone.

I cannot wait until this semester is over. I need a short break from classes, like asap.

So far from this challenge I have learned that I need more necklaces, scarfs, belts, neutral skirts, and maybe a few more cardigans. I also would love to own another pair of these jeans. They are skinny jeans from the Simply Vera line at Kohls. I can only find straight jeans in this line now. Those aren't as awesome. I bought these at the end of 2009 and I have worn them a lot.

sweater: Forever 21
cardigan: Kristen Davis @ Belk
jeans: Simply Vera @ Kohls
shoes: Libby Edelman
belt: Forever 21
necklace: Delia's

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