Thursday, November 11, 2010

Please Don't Call Me Barney

I love this dress. I feel like the belt and necklace were a little sloppy though. These purple tights were way fun and I really love these booties.

Dress: Simply Vera @ Kohl's

Boots: New Directions @ Belk

Belt: Forever 21

Necklace: American Eagle

Earring: Thrifted

Tights: Target

Since the 30 for 30 started I have been reading a lot more blogs. Blog reading takes up a lot of time. I am getting lots of good inspiration from all you ladies! It is so nice to see how everyone makes the items in their closet work together. I also like seeing how everyone accessorizes. Accessories have always been a challenge for me.

How do some bloggers remember which season they bought their clothes? Unless I have bought the item in the past few months there is no way I will remember when I bought it!

The moustache headband makes another appearance!


Ashley said...

Those tights are such a pretty color! Cute Cute Outfit!

Anonymous said...

what a great dress! That pattern is fantastic! and as your blog says... the purple tights really do make it even better :-)

Elisabeth said...

not barney AT ALL. that dress is great.

a. harms said...

I have this dress. You make it look so cute. I will have to rethink how i wear it. Thanks for the inspiration.

alltumbledown said...

Great dress. I like when bloggers incorporate pattern and color into the challenge, rather than just neutrals.

Kinsey said...

Awww this look is so beautiful. I love the tights (I think I have the same ones!) and especially the dress. Very cute :0)

Tanya Turi said...

I love how you've put this all together. This dress is STUNNING!