Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day!

So, it appears that I am behind as this is only outfit #12 that I have documented. Although I did wear pieces of my 30 for 30 all the rest of the days this week, I don't have pictures. I thought I could remember what I wore and then take pictures later but I don't have the best memory and can't recall what exactly I wore on other days. So, I am saying I am on day 12. I traded out a top I had not worn for these shorts. It was unusually warm today and I wanted to wear tights with shorts. I also tried something new with my hair. I created waves using my flat iron. It didn't turn out as great as I thought but the hair definitely grew on me. It was easy to do as well. I did it with hair that wasn't freshly washed. I have very thick hair and didn't want my hair to be bulky. It was easy to do. I followed a hair tutorial I found on youtube.

It was really nice seeing my extended family this evening. One of my cousins was in from the Navy and another cousin and his wife were in from West Virginia. Now that we are older it is rare that everyone is at the family functions. My cousin, Tess, who is a high school junior told me I looked like a "hood-rat" in my outfit. I just laughed. I thought my outfit was fun.

cardigan: Charlotte Russe

blouse: J. Crew

shorts: Loft

boots: Soda

tights: don't remember

necklace: belonged to my mamaw

earrings: from etsy


Natasha said...

I love the different colours in this outfit...they look sooo great together...very chic look!

Anonymous said...

your outfit is very fun! and i love the hair, too!