Friday, November 26, 2010

Lucky 13

Outfit #13

I really liked my outfit again today. Two days in a row now! I'm on a roll, haha! Again, I am wearing lots of blue. For the first time I went out black Friday shopping. I just tagged along with a friend that was shopping for himself and his son. We didn't have any exciting push and shove experiences this morning. I can't imagine wanting anything bad enough to knock someone out of my way. I did buy the first season of Eastbound and Down for $10. I have been waiting to receive it for months now from Netflix and the status is always 'very long wait' so I decided just to buy it since it was on sale. The no shopping policy only refers to clothes, right?

blazer: American Eagle
shirt: Old Navy
skirt: Anthropologie
tights: Kohl's
boots: Soda
belt: New York & Co
necklace: New York & Co
earrings: Etsy

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