Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Break Out Bandit

I think my skirt was a little shorter than I what I originally thought. Oh well, no one said anything to me at work. Maybe I got away with it because the majority of my legs were covered by either boot or by skirt. I found this cardigan when I was going through some containers I forgot I had. Yes, I forgot about some clothes I owned. I bought it when I was smaller so it is a little more open than it should be but I thought it looked okay. As of now I don't really have another gray cardigan so I wanted to include it in the challenge. If I don't love it after the challenge is over, I will take it to Plato's Closet to sell.

A woman who works out in the plant at the manufacturing company I work for asked me to do her taxes for her today! So, I officially have my first client. I always do my own taxes but I think everyone else in my family forgets that I am a legitimate accountant.

My dog, Cody, decided he wanted in on the daily outfit photo. I left the bottom lock of his kennel unlatched this morning by accident. I keep him up because he has separation anxiety and in the past he has been known to chew things up while I am gone. He managed to squeeze out but thankfully he did not destroy anything. My cousin takes him out in the afternoons for me on Tuesdays and Wednesday because I have school until 10pm so she made sure the kennel was securely shut when she left today. Guess I should be more careful.
cardigan: TJ Maxx
tank: Old Navy
skirt: Gap
tights: not sure
boots: Old Navy


a. harms said...

Cute. Cute. Cute. Love that color combo.

Kinsey said...

I have been there before when I don't realize how short my skirt is until I'm at work and feel super uncomfortable!! You look great though, so pretty!

Ramsey said...

Your skirt isn't too short. But don't you hate it when that happens? You remember something one way and it just isn't so. Poops.