Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Going To Stress Less

Today started off very stressful. I was overwelmed with school and work. Only three weeks into the semester and I was ready to call it quits all together. So I made a decision. I dropped one of my classes. Being a full time student and working full time was killing me. I was sleep deprived and due to the sleep deprevation I was an emotional wreck. Plus all of my school work wasn't getting done. So I kept getting further behind. Taking a little longer to get my degree and actually getting to learn in my classes is a much smarter thing to do. I hate that the money I spent on that class has went to waste but my sanity and health are much more important. It was a hard decision but I feel like it was the smart decision. Anyone else ever take on too much at once? Did you fight through it or give yourself some relief?

Can I say that I love these mustard cords. I bought them over a year ago at the Gap. They are definitely one of my favorite pairs of pants. Mustard yellow is my fave!

top: Express (thrifted)

scarf: Belk

cords: Gap

boots: Old Navy

ring: Charlotte Russe


Rebecca said...

I have those cords, but I didn't include them in my 30x30. They look cute on you.

Ramsey said...

Oh should really go away and leave us all alone. And I love the mustard!

Meggy said...

I have those yellow cords in my 30x30 challenge too!!! I have loved them! I'm on day 19, and have worn them twice, with another wear still left in this thing.

I also LOVE the name of your blog - check out my blog header (tights!!!). :)

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Anonymous said...

I love those cords on you! I want some now...

Angela said...

oooh, mustard yellow is my fave too :D you are rockin' it in those cords! LOVE!!!