Friday, February 25, 2011

And the Oscar goes to........

I am a little under the weather so no outfit post for me today but I thought I would share with you the pieces of Target's upcoming re-release of Go International dresses that I want to snatch up this time around!

This is my first time participating in the FBFF Questions of the Week! I am very excited!

This week is the Blogger Awards!!

Here are the categories & my nominations!

1. Creative Juices: Work Your Closet Jamie is awesome at recreating a look she loves using the pieces of clothing she already has in her wardrobe. I typically covet designer outfits I see in magazines and think "I could never afford that awesome outfit. Poor me!". But seeing Jamie recreate a look, it gives me inspiration to do the same thing!

2. The Real Deal: Miss Vinyl Ahoy I love Suze's blog. She is very real. I like that she isn't afraid to speak what's on her mind and bring items of interest to the forefront (like the ModCloth/Forever 21 phenomenon.)

3. Spark Notes: Money Smart Fashion I really enjoy reading Grace's blog. She posts a lot of helpful financial and budgeting information, which I love. I am an accountant but I am not the best at creating a personal budget. She has helped me see it is possible to pay down debt quickly.

4. Newbie: In Kinsey's Closet I found Kinsey's blog through the fall 30 for 30 challenge and I have been following her posts ever since. I love this lady's style. She mixes colors so well and her outfits are chic and work appropriate.

5. Can You Hear Me Now: The Auspicious Life To me, Linda just seems like the typical All-American gal. She is very involved in the blogging community plus she helped develop Everybody, Everywear. Which, in my opinion is a genius idea.

6. If I Had A Hammer: A Pretty Penny Keira posts amazing DIY's. Her latest idea: she used a feather duster to give a completely new look to an old purse! Fabulous! I never in a billion years would have came up with that idea.

7. Tribe Leader: Kendie Everyday Kendie's blog is the first style blog I started reading. Her blog is the reason for my new obsession. There is no doubt about it, she really can rally the troops. Plus her outfits are amazing and she is ridiculously funny.

8. Practically Perfect: The Daybook This was another no-brainer. Sydney always looks amazingly flawless. I love everything that girl wears. I am sure if she wore a potato sac I would go buy a potato sac dress the next day. Do you blame me?

9. Paint By Numbers: Temptalia I don't follow many beauty bloggers but I could spend hours watching tutorials and reading reviews on this blog.

10. Renaissance Woman: Jen Loves Kev Jen is awesome. Not only does she have amazing clothes, she also posts yummy recipes and adorable updates of her daughter, Rowan.

I get sooo much awesome inspiration from all of these ladies I nominated. There are sooo many awesome bloggers out there and these are only a few!


Anonymous said...

Oh, YES! Kinsey is amazing- great choice for newbie! And glad to "meet" you! I'm obsessed with tights, so I think we're going to become fast friends!

Michelle said...

Great post. I couldn't think of any newbies because I don't really know whose new and who isn't.


Anonymous said...

Great picks! And yes, I am hoping to snag a Tucker for Target dress, too!!! :)

Linda said...

Thanks! I'm going to go have some apple pie and play some baseball now ;)
But really, thanks. And I love seeing your other picks!
The Auspicious Life

Hayley said...

A RE-RELEASE!? Best news I have heard all week! I really need to check this out! I wanted that Tucker dress, instead bought a blouse and ended up returning it leaving me empty handed!! Very happy now!

The Weekend File

Anonymous said...

Awesome picks!

KT said...

I love that you nominated Jen Loves Kev. She hasn't gotten too many nods from the FBFF bloggers yet but I really think she is an excellent blogger! - Katy

Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

Thanks for the nod Jessica!I'm so glad that you find the information I post helpful!

Thanks for reading!

Linley said...

hope you are feeling better soon! and i cannot wait for these dresses to return to target!

great nominations! these are all wonderful blogs!

Morgan said...

Ohh looks so fun!!

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