Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Here I Go!

Surprisingly, I found time to post my first outfit tonight. I figured I wouldn't have time to post until Thursday. And I realize I should have my 30 items up by now but that post will have to wait. I read on twitter today that over 800 bloggers were participating. Wowzers. Last challenge I think there were around 300 (am I remembering correctly?) and I think I visited each blogger's page at least once. Not so sure that will happen this time considering my schedule. Although, any blogger that reaches out to me I will be sure to pay them a visit. At this point I don't have many readers so I feel that it is important to visit the blogs of those who do take the time to let me know what they think.

On another note, I am thinking about splurging on a Kuerig (sp?) coffee maker. Any reviews? Please tell me they are as amazing as they seem. I am going to need plenty of coffee this semester for those late nights and currently I do not have a coffee maker. So the $100 will be an investment in my future as a CPA, right?

I want to make a facebook page for my blog but I am not sure how to do that. Guess I will figure it out this weekend. I feel weird posting links to my blog on my personal facebook page. Silly, huh?

cardigan: American Eagle
tank: American Eagle
jeans: Banana Republic outlet
shoes: Anne Klein (thrifted)
necklace: Forever 21 (I think)
belt: Forever 21


Jen HaHA said...
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Jen HaHA said...

That tank has such a pretty design! Great start! I look forward to the rest of your remix!

Re: Keurig. We have two at work (~250 people on our floor) and they're great! You can get pods from Costco or Bed Bath & Beyond (with their 20% off) coupons, and save lots of $$! They sell hot cocoa and tea pods as well. I say go for it! It's a good investment!

Come check out my 30! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Anonymous said...

I have gone back and forth with posting my blog links on my personal facebook, but that's where a lot of my traffic comes from. i don't think i've lost any friends...yet :)

Natalie Lord said...

I like this outfit! Super cute!